Getting Discount on EXIF and Digital Photo Software

1. You can get 30% discount (or more!) for buying our software. Just do something useful for us:

  • Write a good success story.
  • Proofread some text (site, documentation, or program interface) in English, German, French, Spanish, etc (we will tell you what to do).

And we will make a discount for you!


2. Translate the program interface to your native language and get the program for free! We are interested in German, French, Spanish, Potruguese, Italian, Polish, and other translations.

This is not that hard! Please take a look at the Free Photo Viewer's language file. You may cooperate with your friends or collegues and divide the language file into several parts.

Tell us how you can help us, and get a discount or a free license!

Free photo viewer Free Photo Viewer - View photos, EXIF data, and IPTC comments with this light-weight and fast free photo viewer. View EXIF tags easily in the full-screen and windowed modes. Save EXIF information. Slow CPUs and wide screen monitors supported!
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